SIMPOL enables you to build computer applications faster and easier than ever before

SIMPOL Professional v1.83 is currently available!

Everyone at Superbase Software Limited are very pleased to announce the release of SIMPOL Professional v1.83 More…

Regular blog posts coming to the developer’s section.

We will soon be posting regularly to the development blog about various things we are working on, see the Development Blog for details.

SIMPOL is Cross-Platform

Develop your application once — run it on Linux or Windows.

Experienced Software Developer?

SIMPOL Professional — available now — gives you the tools to be more productive than you could imagine. Create protoypes so blindingly fast that you will surprise yourself. Then quickly build upon your initial design to create very large systems built on a cross-platform database. SIMPOL gives you the tools to build your Professional Services projects easier, faster, and more profitably!


SIMPOL can be used to create applications for your laptop, desktops, local network, wide area networks and your web server. SIMPOL was used to develop the web shop and registration system used on this site.