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In the preceding section we have learned to design a basic form using the Form Designer, including setting default values, using system theme colors, and working with the sizing and alignment tools. We have also saved that form in the new XML-based form format and also as SIMPOL source code. We have worked with included source files and SIMPOL language libraries. Finally, the resulting form was incorporated in a project that used a dialog to host the form and then waited on events, which were then handled by the program code. We also validated the input that was entered.

This sort of program component is a common requirement for more complex applications, where any number of similar dialog-style user-interface components will be needed to ensure a user-friendly experience. This sort of program is a stepping stone to the type of project discussed in the next chapter, which is considerably more complex.

The final working SIMPOL Color Lab program

The final working SIMPOL Color Lab program.