Superbase NG Personal – The Filter Selection Tool

This tool allows the user to create afloating selection list of records that can change the selected records in the main window.

Creating a Selection List

Assuming there is already a database open to open the filter window click on the = (equals) button in the toolbar. In this example we are going to be using an example table found under C:\SIMPOL\projects\tests\calcevaltest\bin it contains a large selection of spices and some relevant purchasing information.

The Superbase NG Personal Selection Filter dialog

In this example we are going to see all the records that have a tax of 5.50 or lower: ORDERDTL."Tax Rate" <= 5.5. Next we need to select which columns we want to be shown.

The field selection dialog

It will then run the query and start filling out the grid. The records are placed in sorted order into the grid

[Tip] Tip
Hovering over the Filter label in the lower right corner will show a tool tip with the full filter in case it is too large to be visible in the dialog window title bar.

Window showing all results within our filter

Selection List Sort Order

The sort order for the resulting record set cannot be changed, it is sorted in the index order that was selected when the process started. If you want to change the index order you have to close the current filter and open a new one but before filtering it is necessary to select a different sort order in the index drop down menu in the tool bar (see below).

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