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    On some of my forms I have detail blocks that are linked to a field in a table that often contains .nul in a lot of the records. When I click to create a new record from such a form the new record of course has .nul
    initially in its linked field so the detail block takes a long time to populate finding all of the .nul records. I find that I often don’t realize the program is busy while doing this and may start entering
    data for new record when all of a sudden the detail block finishes updating and the entries I made by typing disappear. I’d like to find a way to have the program tell me its busy but I can’t find a workable place
    to turn on the busy cursor (like in the prepform function or the initialize function I run when
    onnewrecord is clicked on the form); or find a way to right away set a desired value to the linked field
    before it starts looking up the .nul values for the detail block. Perhaps there is another way?

    AvatarJD Kromkowski

    As a design principle, I am not quite understanding why a linking field that has .nul value should ever be chosen as a linking field. A field that is linking two tables should be a field (in my book) that MUST have non – .nul data.

    I use quite a few detailblocks. The first value in a child record is always going to be the linked value (which is programmatically assigned) and I used a dialog like a pop-up to create the child record. The act of closing the dialog always saves (well sometimes it could delete) the child record. So there is never a limbo situation like you are describing.



    JDK thanks for your perspective on this. Perhaps then this is poor design of the table of child records then on my part. My primary objects are mineral specimens. I have another table of all of their different USES.
    Sometimes I photograph them, in which case I assign a link number for the photo and associate data details. In some cases I might loan them and assign a loan number and enter associated data for the loan. If I open my photo form the detail block will link the photo number for the records I want to see, but all of the loan uses would have .nul usually in the linked photo number. On the converse if I want to see loans details I open
    a loan form and the detail block finds linked loan numbers and I don’t see the .nul photo entries. Perhaps the solution for me then is to split the USAGE table- separate PHOTO uses from separate LOAN uses. IF they
    need to be linked I could assign a common USAGE number to both the split tables.

    AvatarJD Kromkowski

    It sounds like every specimen is the Parent/Master table. So I’d have a unique ID for every specimen (which you probably do.) So specimen table has unique SpecimenID

    For your “pictures” you have a pictures table for each picture. Each record/picture as its unique ID (PictureId) AND it has a corresponding SpecimenID which is the link to the specimen table for a detailblock.

    Then you have a loan table. Each loan has its unique ID LoanID field, but it will also have corresponding SpecimenID which links to the Specimen being loaned.

    pictures (pictures of a particular specimen)
    loans (loans of a particular specimen)

    You obviously know your data better than I do, so I could be missing something about your needs.

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