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    Are there some Superbase friends?,

    I have a problem with ‘OLD Superbase’ and OLE. I want to mark the borders in some Excel-cells fat, but i don’t know the syntax:

    st.Selection.Borders(xlEdgeBottom).Weight = “xlMedium”

    It doesn’t work. Perhaps you know the correct syntax?!

    Gunther from germany


    Hello Gunther,

    I am afraid I cannot help you with OLE as that code is not maintained by us, as it is part of Microsoft Office. Hopefully, the following links will help you solve your issue:

    Warm Regards

    Ian Macpherson

    hello Did you eventually manage to find how to do the border with OLE ? Did you have a look at the ole example that was included with the install package ? It says in the Superbase documentation that if you record a Excel macro for what you want to do Superbase is capable of understanding it IF a couple of things are modfied or Added. If you get this message and want further information you can contact me directly at macpher*******@**
    For info Nikolaus who replied to you is the new Superbase NG project manager but he does not know the old Superbase I think. Best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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