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Superbase NG Tutorials

Brand New to Superbase NG?

We’ve compiled a few guides to get you started:

This page is designed to be your one stop for Superbase NG tutorials, examples and how to’s

  • Fundamentals
  • Example Programs
  • Utilities

This section will cover a variety of things from SIMPOL’s basic types to more in depth tutorials on specific libraries


String Manipulation in SIMPOL

Time & Date

SIMPOL Custom Types

mousemask bits


logmanager (Redudant, use LogHandler instead)




SBME1 Local Database (sbme1)

PPCS Server Database (ppcstype1)

The following are a selection of example programs, ranging from the very basic IDE only programs to full fledged GUI programs all made using Superbase NG

Basic Programs

File I/O

HTTP Client

Common Gateway Interface

Advanced Programs

Advanced File I/O

Graphic Programs

Dialog-Style Program (Color LAB)

Advanced File I/O with GUI

This section covers how to use some of the included tools such as the server, and conversion tools

Database Client GUI

We try and cover as much as we can in these tutorials, but if you need some specific help, or want us to explore something in more depth head over to our reddit/forum/twitter/comments and leave us suggestions, we’ll try and get to them as quickly as possible. And if you require 1-on-1 help we can do this over Skype or MS Teams (email us for more information)