Superbase NG IDE Tutorials

On this page you will find tutorials for the various tasks that SIMPOL can perform, to go along with this we will also be refreshing the old Language Reference Guide. This will allow for a better and easier understanding of SIMPOL and Superbase NG IDE. Each of the tutorials will contain a detailed walkthrough of the program which explains the various elements of a sample program. At the end of the document you will find a .zip file for the sample program we have just completed. It is also possible to just write the program with the tutorial as a guide as code snippets will be provided throughout every tutorial. Furthermore, at the end of the tutorial you will find links to the Language Reference Guide (both old and new)


String Manipulation


Log Manager

Basic Programs

File I/O

HTTP Client

Common Gateway Interface

Advanced Programs

Advanced File I/O

Graphic Programs

Dialog-Style Program (Color LAB)

Advanced File I/O with GUI


PPCS Database Client


Database Client GUI