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Superbase NG Documentation

Superbase NG has now been released, but the documentation is a moving target and will be regularly updated. There is already a large amount of documentation in the form of six books plus the release notes that are gradually growing as the product grows. They are:

Using the IDE and Superbase Personal

The Superbase Quick Start Guide provides clear instructions on how to get something running quickly. It is strongly recommended that you at least read and work through the first chapter of the IDE Tutorial to learn how to use the IDE before building the projects in the Quick Start Guide.

For a fast start in using the IDE to produce programs in the SIMPOL programming language both for the desktop and also for use on a web server, it is strongly encouraged to read and work through the IDE Tutorial. It has only three chapters at this point but will grow over time as more capabilities and tools are added.

The Superbase NG IDE Documentation is the right place to look if you want to find out more about how to use the IDE or to customize it in some way.

The Superbase NG Programmer’s Guide will give you a thorough introduction into using the SIMPOL programming language and the various components that are provided. If you are looking for a specific piece of information about one of the types, components, functions, etc., then the SIMPOL Language Reference is the final place to look. Should you find something inadequately described there, then please let us know in the forums so that we can enhance that area in the future.

For all the information about using Superbase NG Personal (the RAD tools for Superbase NG) to jump-start your development, have a look through the Superbase NG Personal User Guide.