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Superbase NG IDE Quick Start Manual

This tutorial is intended to provide a quick start guide for using the new Superbase NG IDE. Although in the process some SIMPOL programming is covered, that is not the primary purpose of this book. Other books are provided that cover SIMPOL programming.

You will learn how to use the IDE for programming standard applications that are run at the console and from within the IDE as well as cover the creation of web server applications together with information about downloading and installing a web server. For this purpose, we will be using Apache, although it is not necessary to use Apache to deploy the resulting programs. Apache is, however, an excellent web server and the debugging of web applications in the IDE is currently only supported using CGI, not using the ISAPI or Fast-CGI methodologies.

A large number of screenshots are used to explain the material and a step-by-step approach is taken with respect to the actual creation of the programs. Please take the time to work through the tutorials for the various programming styles. It will be time well spent.

Part 1:  Getting Started
Part 2: Writing Web Server Programs With SIMPOL
Part 3: Debugging Into Library Source Code

A Full PDF version is also available

Legacy Tutorials can still be found in your SIMPOL installation

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