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Download Steps

  1. Register
  2. Log in (after your details are sent via email)
  3. Download using the links in the account page that appear after login

The download functionality on this site requires you to register and from the initial account screen, you can access the downloads library. The entire downloads library system is written in SIMPOL, and it also provides an upload library capability as well, for sharing things. Join us on the news server: or use the forum front-end. The SIMPOL discussions are in the simpol.* sections.

Why Register?

At Superbase Software Limited we try to work closely with our developer customers, to ensure that the products we produce meet their needs and continue to grow and improve in ways that most help the people using them. To that end, we ask that anyone downloading the trial versions let us know who they are, so that we can work together with you to ensure that our products are helping you to achieve your goals, and so that we can learn from you to make those products better.

All downloadable trial versions are listed in the main account area after you have registered with us and logged into your account. Trial versions are limited to 30 days from the date the trial is downloaded (not from when they are installed), so only download a trial product when you are ready to start evaluating it. To register with us, (or if you are already registered, to log in), click on this link. The trial product links are listed in the main section of the account page. Clicking on one will initiate a download and will also email to your registered email address a registration code for use during installation.