SIMPOL Professional

SIMPOL IDE imageSuperbase Software Limited produces Superbase NG (SIMPOL Professional), the Superbase NG (SIMPOL) Database Engine Licence and related products.


SIMPOL Professional contains all of the components required for building and debugging web server applications, pure server programs, and desktop applications. This includes:

  • SIMPOL Development Environment (IDE) — for programming and debugging
  • SIMPOL Personal — for creating and managing databases, forms and reports
  • SIMPOL Language Reference
  • SIMPOL Programmers Guide
  • SIMPOL IDE Reference
  • SIMPOL IDE Tutorial
  • SIMPOL Quickstart Guide
  • SIMPOL Personal User Guide
  • Numerous sample projects for web server applications, libraries, console programs, sockets programs, database access, and GUI programming
  • SIMPOL Database Engine — single- and multi-user database engine
  • 3-user Server license for testing multi-user applications with the multi-user database engine
  • Component libraries for:
    • TCP/IP (client and server)
    • Web server application libraries for CGI, ISAPI, and FastCGI
    • Graphical user interface components library
    • XML Document Object Model (DOM) library supporting Core Level 2 and some of Level 3
    • Library for calling external library functions (DLL calls)
    • Operating system library with support for files and directories
    • Library allowing external applications to call functions in SIMPOL language libraries

Export Restrictions

As far as we can determine, SIMPOL Professional does not fall under any export restrictions. That is not to say that it would be impossible to produce a program using SIMPOL Professional that would be subject to export restrictions, however, SIMPOL Professional is a general purpose development tool kit, and is not itself restricted.

For more information about the SIMPOL language and tools, see the SIMPOL Development section of the web site.

SIMPOL Professional was previously named the SIMPOL Developer Kit during the pre-release period.