Superbase NG

SIMPOL IDE imageSuperbase Software Limited produces Superbase NG (SIMPOL Professional), the Superbase NG (SIMPOL) Database Engine Licence and related products.


Superbase NG contains all of the components required for building and debugging web server applications, pure server programs, and desktop applications. This includes:

Export Restrictions

As far as we can determine, Superbase NG does not fall under any export restrictions. That is not to say that it would be impossible to produce a program using Superbase NG that would be subject to export restrictions, however, Superbase NG is a general purpose development tool kit, and is not itself restricted.

For more information about Superbase NG and the SIMPOL language and tools, see the SIMPOL Development section of the web site.

Superbase NG was previously named SIMPOL Professional and was previously named the SIMPOL Developer Kit during the pre-release period.