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Google XML Sitemap Generator

One of the things that I had to do as part of the web site update, was to manage supplying multiple XML sitemaps to Google. WordPress has various plugins to create usable XML sitemaps for Google, but I also needed to generate one for the external content represented by the documentation. To put it into perspective, we currently have 63 pages or so in WordPress, but over 900 pages in the documentation, so it was important that it get indexed.
I have looked around in the past for tools that create these types of site maps, but have not been particularly impressed with them, or they were limited (max 100  URLs in the free version) or else they wanted money from me before doing even a demo. Although they would be entitled to some cash if the task were that hard, I knew I could create one pretty fast myself. I had a quick look at the format, and then in about 20 minutes I built and tested mine. No fancy bits, it just does a recursive directory walk. It does not do this by analyzing links on a bunch of web pages, it is meant for offline use. I am sure it could do with a raft of options, but I haven’t needed them yet.
So if you want to have one, this one runs from the command line. I have included the Win32 runtime components of SIMPOL (just the ones required) in the archive, together with the source code.
Google Sitemap Gen Package