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Superbase NG 2.0 – Four Weeks Later

Well it has been four weeks since we released Superbase NG 2.0. In that time we have had some great feedback from our user base and have identified and corrected a number of annoying bugs, added some more examples to SIMPOL Business, and updated some of the documentation. Thanks to every one of our customers who have provided us with useful feedback.
We have a few more things to complete and then we will upload 2.01. For most of you, you may never bump into the problems we have been working on (it is a BIG product). If you do have a problem, please let us know by posting it to the forums. Also, please remember that if you need access to the forums, we need you to register on our registration page, then send us an email for forum access (eventually we will make this automatic, but it requires integrating between SIMPOL and MySQL (used by WordPress) on a Linux platform, where we do not currently have ODBC support – but we will get there).
Have a great weekend everyone!
Ciao, Neil