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Why should you choose SIMPOL?

We believe that SIMPOL offers you an exciting blend of technical and commercial benefits:

  • SIMPOL provides you with a complete development environment for building data-intensive applications, including one of the most powerful yet compact single-user micro database engines in the industry.
  • SIMPOL is an ideal development solution for basic multi-user applications, allowing peer to peer database sharing within workgroup settings without the need for a dedicated server. An ODBC client allows scalable deployment between standalone and workgroup SIMPOL groups and larger data centres.
  • SIMPOL is a true “write-once, run-anywhere” environment, meaning that you can create applications that will run immediately on Windows, and Linux without compromising on the quality of the user experience, with Mac OS-X and a number of mobile devices planned for the future.

As a software development professional, however, choosing a development platform is more than choosing a technology: It is also a question of choosing a business model. SIMPOL offers a number of business benefits:

  • SIMPOL libraries and database engines can be distributed freely in feature-restricted or time-limited formats to facilitate seeding and freeware distribution while offering software vendors the opportunity to build a complementary revenue stream from SIMPOL upgrades (see Building a Development Business on SIMPOL).
  • SIMPOL Developer Support programs exist to give corporate developers, professional developers and software vendors privileged access to the developers of SIMPOL.
  • The SIMPOL developer community provides access to a broad range of like-minded developers with active discussions and a forum for sharing information and even code.

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