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Developer Support

About Developer Support

SIMPOL offers various types of developer support. We understand very well the needs of developers at various levels of expertise. To this end we have the following forms of support:

  • Community Forum (news groups)
  • Training Courses
  • Workshops (these tend to be focussed on specific problems)
  • Software Maintenance Agreement (to ensure access to the latest enhancements)
  • Technical Support Contracts (normally these are negotiated directly to meet your specific needs)

Above and beyond these items, however, we also offer:

  • Project Consulting
  • Shared Development Arrangements (we can help you design and get started)
  • Component Development (we can produce custom SIMPOL components for a variety of needs)
  • Project Delivery Assistance (producing a working program can be a big job, but making it ready to ship as a product can be just as big: documentation, installation, packaging, testing, localisation).
  • Marketing Support (SIMPOL is selling worldwide, so we can help you access new markets for your products as well — if appropriate).

We would like to work with you to help you be successful using SIMPOL tools. For more information contact: