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SIMPOL Professional Launch

SIMPOL launched a major new product in 2009.

(London & New York, April 2, 2009 )

Simpol Limited has launched the 1.0 release of the SIMPOL Professional, which is part of their objective to enable non-technical people to develop their own computer applications.

Applications written in SIMPOL will run without change on Linux, Mac and Windows systems, with others planned.

Technical Director Neil Robinson said that a developer can design a program once and then run it on Windows, Mac or Linux. He said that there is a distinct lack of rapid application development tools in the Mac and Linux area and that the SIMPOL language and tools have been designed from the ground up to meet that demand.

“While the language is easy to learn it has some powerful capabilities, so that complex and sophisticated computer programs can be built more easily and faster than ever before”, he said.

Developers will be encouraged to contribute sample applications to a co-operative library of programs that end-users can use and enhance for themselves. Simpol also has a proposal for freeware developers to make money from their cross-platform applications!

The SIMPOL Professional is the first of a range of products that will be launched by Simpol Limited. As a next step, Simpol Limited plan to release tools for the end-user to enhance and modify the sample applications produced by more experienced developers.

More information is available at

SIMPOL Limited is a new company based in Cambridge, UK and New York, USA. Their objective is to deliver software tools for non-technical computer users to develop their own computer applications that run on Windows, Mac and Linux.