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The First (Next) Step

Well, the revamp of the SIMPOL website has been done. We have now gotten the whole thing into WordPress 3.2.1. This was anything but trivial, as it turns out. We have hundreds of pages of documentation that are written using DocBook XML and generated externally to WordPress that we did not intend to insert and maintain in WordPress. We also had to add in our online registration system and associated web shop (a suite of programs written in SIMPOL), all of which needed light touch ups for the new look.
One of the overall goals of this effort has been to enable me to integrate this blog into the system and to update it with various features that WordPress makes available. Even more important is that we wanted to seize this opportunity to create an accessible two-way communication spot where useful ideas can flow in both directions.
Please visit the blog often to keep up with things that are happening at SIMPOL that are not necessarily newsworthy enough for our News section, but that we still want to share with you.
Also, please register if you wish to write back here on the blog. Don’t forget that we also provide a news server plus a new forum. The news server contains a wealth of information regarding SIMPOL and Superbase development, and the new forum system will undoubtedly produce a similar resource in the coming months and years.