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Website Revamp!

Simpol Limited has just completed a reworking of the entire site into WordPress 3.2.1. This has been a complex bit of work and has entailed wrapping the documentation in matching HTML code to look and feel like the remainder of the site. It also required a similar reworking of the web shop and online registration system. The Online Library and the Registration System both received a facelift at the same time, so they should be a bit more user-friendly.

Unfortunately, the Newsportal front end for the News server has not coped well with the update to PHP, and we have reluctantly bid it farewell.

Instead, we have added a new WordPress-based forum system. The goal is to have only one registration and password changing method, so we are currently researching how to coordinate the two systems. Once that has been resolved, we will make the new forum available to everyone. In the meantime, if you have previously registered on the Simpol site, you should be able to log in and post messages to the new forum.

One of the big advantages of this site will be to allow us to more easily keep in closer touch with our customers — so please let us hear from you.

In addition to this News section, we also will be running a more informal development blog.