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Reviving the SIMPOL development blog

This blog has been allowed to languish unloved for far too long. In part that is because it is sometimes tricky to decide what we should talk about and what not.
To provide a compromise, we will talk about technologies and interesting things on this blog, as well as things we may be working on in SIMPOL, even though some of the things discussed may not ever be part of the general SIMPOL release. That gives us a bit more freedom to discuss interesting topics, since not everything we explore necessarily becomes part of the release. Having said that, if something is discussed here and doesn’t appear to be coming out in the general release, feel free to ask about it. Not everything is built in stone.
Recently we have been investigating various interesting topics and how SIMPOL can relate to them, including building HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript mobile phone apps using PhoneGap and with the data being supplied by a SIMPOL CGI backend data server. More on that as we progress, but it will mean that SIMPOL desktop systems will be able to integrate with mobile phone apps that are deployed to Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile 7 and 8, and even Blackberry.