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Status Report on the SIMPOL 1.8 Release

As was mentioned on the main news roll, we are working very hard to get out the SIMPOL 1.8 release. We had hoped to be in the installer building and testing stage by now, but there were a couple of items that have been holding us up.
We have been building a basic SIMPOL Business sample program, to demonstrate how to use the SIMPOL Application Framework in appframework.sml. Unlike the more simplistic examples based on the app framework, this one has multiple tables, multiple forms, a couple of quick reports, and uses various features found in applications that are deployed commercially, like configuration files, the ability to run single- or multi-user, detail blocks with adding, editing, and deleting entries, and so on.
As a result of this developent work we decided to also build in a fancy new drill down dialog box, in principle very similar to the Drill Down 3 that was in the Superbase samples as of Superbase 2001. This itself is taking up much of a day’s development, which though unplanned will probably not be unwelcome.
Also, a number of edge cases (places where things only go wrong if the right conditions are met, like having an empty database table) that were occuring in SIMPOL Personal have been found and fixed.
As a result, we are still running behind, but closing in on the release. I will post here each day during the week until the release is announced, and keep letting you know how we are going.
Sorry for the delay again, but this will be the best release of SIMPOL that has been done in some time.