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Updated Documentation

The current Superbase documentation is poor, we know that. And over the last few months, we’ve been trying to add to it and update it.

Legacy issues

The current documentation was written in DocBook XML format, which although useful for certain things such as automating the Language Reference made it very difficult to use on the web as well as update it on the fly. We decided as we enter this new era it was time to change to a more web-focused documentation style.

GitBook and Nanoc

We originally wanted to use GitBook but since it is both no longer open source and there is no way to self-host we decided against it, despite its advantages.

We use GitLab, which uses nanoc for its documentation, but since this doesn’t look like and behave in the way we want we decided against it. Leaving us with two candidates: Wiki.js and BookStack

Wiki.js vs BookStack

This left us with only two options: Wiki.js and BookStack. Similar products, with Wiki.js slightly more feature-rich, however, we chose the PHP stack over Node.js as in our experience Node.js is too taxing on our servers, as such we are now officially running the upcoming Superbase documentation on BookStack. We are still working on finishing porting, and formatting, all our documentation, before we can start writing new documentation.

It will be available under as well as (Coming Soon)