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Superbase Documentation Overhaul

In the last couple of weeks we have started overhauling the Superbase Documentation, this process is not yet in its final form and we will no doubt be changing where, what, and how this documentation exists. But for now there are updated versions of the IDE Quick Start Guide (found here) as well as the Superbase NG Personal User Guide (found here) available on the website. The old documentation bundled with your installation will still be there but we hope to improve upon this also.
We have also started to create a number of tutorials for the IDE (found here), some of these will already have existed within the documentation but some will also be new. For now these Tutorials are still fairly rudimental but the list will be expanded over the next few months, and we will keep you updated once there have been significant additions. If there are any specific things you would like us to create tutorials around, just comment below